January 24, 2011

Endings, transitions and beginings

All right, here it goes, my first post on a new blog. I stopped posting to my old blog several months ago . The name and the content of puddin' rider was feeling more like the old me and less like the new me. Although this is a new blog for the new me, I should say a few words about the old. I stared puddin' rider just before I was diagnosed with Cancer. I was 4o, the strongest I had ever been and at the same time I was suffering. As things developed the blog became less about a cyclist and father and more about a miserable trip into suffering, pain and miracles. So as I move forward with the transition to the man that I am now I give a nod to the experiences and writing that got me here.

With this new blog, I hope to explore my new life as a man dealing with the challenges and joys of being who I am now: A father, cancer survivor and an adventure hound among other things.

It has taken me a while to re-label myself. As I got sick with Multiple Myeloma, I lost all of the identities that I had, I was no longer a cyclist, I was no longer a provider for my family and I was more of a liability to my family than any sort of support. I no longer work at a traditional job. I am often too sick to be relied upon for any sort of regular responsibility. My physical and mental abilities are greatly diminished in many ways. This is not something I really care to dwell on other than to discover how I can integrate and accept them into my new life. Surely that will be a big focus of this blog, hopefully there will be more: witty humor, various ramblings, occasional insights and tales of my adventures as well those who inspire me.
So, stay tuned.
Thanks for reading