October 18, 2011

Whats the Dealio

I get this question alot.  I will make it easy as I can.  I am taking Revlmid an oral Chemo Agent related to thalidomide an agent that caused many birth defects in the 1950s when it was given to women as a cure for pregnancy induced nausea.  It is a mild poision that happens to kill the bad stuff in me.
I am currently 1.5 weeks into my 2nd course.  It is a pill.  I take it daily for 21 days then take a week off.  On the first seventh and 14th day of a 21 day course I also take dexamethazone. That is a largish steroid dose that makes me feel amped manic and then I crash after a day or two of sleepless mania. As of this writing I am currently at about that phase. 
I have kappa free light chain Multiple Myeloma.  There are other types.  You can google the rest if you want.  Here are the basics.  When I was diagnosed in 2008 I was feeling sick, tired and in so much pain that I couldn't walk without aid.  I was taking tylenol and eating pot brownies like a chocolate loving stoner bent on dying from obesity.  Once I was diagnosed I went to the heavier stuff and the rest is history... 

...OK the above was written just prior to the Tuesday crash.  I just came back to life after sleeping all day and am ready to finish up this post.  It is getting predictable that on Tuesday I am going to feel awful and sleep all day.  It is rough to go from manic and somewhat energetic to sleeping all day.  It is super frustrating to not be able to get anything done.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  Chickenhawk mobile needs new tires I think I'll attempt a Folsom run. 

I awoke from the fog today at about 4:30.  just in time to meet the Coloma boys at the Brick Oven.  I eat pizza and watch them drink beer.  Chemo and alcohol just don't mix.  It is great to  go out.  I am constantly amazed and blessed by the wonderful friendships I have developed in this community.  It has been a long time since I have written about it.  I will soon but for now: moderation is the name of the game.  Time to step away from the glowing screen.  Spend some time with the CH watching House season 17. 
Thanks for reading

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