March 08, 2012

A few quick Items.

It is a good week and this is just a quick post before I go spend my time outside while the weather is nice. 
My Mom sent me this video about a guy who cured cancer with nmarijuana extract.  It brought up a conversation between us that I enjoyed. 
I am a medical MJ user and can speak directly to its positive effects.  Of course now I am only mildly aware of all of the political controversy about legalization etc. but I have my opinions.  The advocates of legalization often claim that law enforcement is firmly on the side of criminalization because it gets lots of its funding from anti drug programs.  This short article in Mother Jones certainly points that direction. 

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  1. ...just letting you know that i'm still sending good thoughts & healthy healing 'vibs' your way, amigo...

    ...i may not be in contact often 'cuz you've got your whole crew up there but, ya, i'm still down here in the bay area & my best wishes for you come from the heart...