October 01, 2011

Alright, down to business. Writing. It is going to be a good thing. I have been avoiding writing because I feel like I have more to write about than ability to sit and write. I am still trying to balance my life between parenting, being a patient, a husband and a community member.

Today is the first day of not taking revlmid for 21 days. I was manic as hell before starting this course. There was so much I wanted to get done. I hope to write about all of it, if I can stay focused, and balanced long enough to do so. The course of revlimd has been rough like a long long day of class III boating, my body is tired. I need to stretch out and take a rest. I am really looking forward to a break. I am hoping that by the end of the 7 day break that drinking a beer might taste good again. I am hoping that during the break I might feel good enough to get a project or two moving or finished.
Here is my list in no particular order:

  • work on the non profit

  • rebuild my tent trailer

  • fall harvest

  • fall camping with the family

  • SUP training

We'll see how much I can do. The last 21 days has been a real learning process and I am ready for the next stage. OK that's all I've got in me for now.

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