October 02, 2011

Wow, yesterday was a little slice of hell. I had an Irridia (sp?) infusion on Thursday. Thanks to Phil B. for taking me to Roseville. The med is a bone strengthener. Yesterday I had nasty pain all day. The Chickenhawk led a hike for ARC in the morning and the girls went with her. I was by myself most of the day. I did a bunch of work around the house and had to keep stopping to just deal with the pain. I got through it without going to opiates for relief and I feel a bit better today but I am not all the way up to par. Nausea seems to have supsided.
I woke up today excited about the tent trailer rebuild. I am gonna do some more research on modifications before I start. My goal is to get it to be a really soild (off road capable) semi self contained base camp that carries all the necessary toys.

Talked to brother Billy yesterday. He is always more perceptive of other people than me.
I imagine that at some point my writing will be poignant. Right now I will keep working on daily posts.

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