October 06, 2011


Did I mention that my house is under re-construction after the flood that occurred on 2 of September.  I have spent much of my time in the last month dealing with the consequences of a broken clothes washer line.  We have had floor torn out, holes put in walls, tile installed ,bamboo floors and this next week carpet.  Tommy A has been here for the last 2 weeks or so.  I really enjoy working with him and having him and Mario around and that is the consolation. 

Did I mention yet that at the same time I am doing chemo?
Actually this week I have had off of the drugs and it has been great.  I have has mostly normal energy.  The pain from the irridia has faded and I am feeling strong and mostly lucid. 

Did I mention that Chickenhawk Sarah is dealing with all this as well and working at the same time?  She deserves all the chocolate and wine she wants.   Perfect neighbor the quiche queen brought dinner over again tonight.  Right at 5 when I was wondering what I was going to make and how I was going to find the energy to make it.  It is easy to stay in gratitude when so many people are kind to us. 

It has been a very social week.  I took my dear friend KD and his friend Kate to the Amtrak  so they could begin their journey to Nepal.  I am really excited for them.  By now they have been in Kathmandu for a day or two and recovered (hopefully) from the travel.  I am sad because when KD returns he is going to live in Truckee for the winter.  I am going to miss him. 

Did I mention that I have not yet gone live with this blog.  I am not sure what I am waiting for.  I think I am still figuring out what it (the blog) is about. 

Ahh. there is a good writing assignment.  Too tired to continue now.  Next time.  Big day tomorrow.  Massage, doctor visit, trip to Nevada City with friends for live talk and music.  Saturday is back to my job; poisoning myself for my own good and the good of my family.  Sure has been a nice break. 
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